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Those damned large .gif files!

2010-04-22 16:22:55 by MageLeif

I wish I could put my entire Paper Mario music video on Newgrounds, but my TMNT section alone takes almost 9 MB, and it's only a minute! Basically what I do is I record the game using CamStudio, and then edit the .avi file with Sony Vegas and render it as a .wmv file. Afterwards, I import it into Flash and need to re-size it down really small in order to make it fit the 10 MB restriction. All frames in Flash get turned into .gif images.

If anyone knows any secrets or something on how I could make a 10+ minute video (or maybe even just 5 minutes?) fit the restriction, that would be pretty awesome of you. As of right now, those that want to view my full music video (or at least what I have done so far) need to see it on Viddler.

Full video on Viddler


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2010-04-22 16:30:29

wow, you must've put alot of stuff in there to exceed that 10mb limit

MageLeif responds:

The music took a surprisingly small amount of space, it was just that every single frame consisted of a .gif image, so that really bumped it up.


2010-04-22 17:05:55

That wasn't a music video. You just recorded yourself playing Mario to random songs.

MageLeif responds:

While it is true that the correct definition of music video is "A short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music/song." This really only applies to the TMNT theme as it's the complete theme. The other song clips from the Viddler movie are much shorter and edited to usually fit the theme (for example, Poker Face only had one segment that was appropriate for the scene). I'm thinking of displaying it as an AMV rather than a Music Video.


2010-04-26 16:31:41

Thanks man for tha suggestion.........